Attendees and Contacts

Import, create and add contacts to build up your conferencing address book.

Utilize the contact address book for better reference or callers on your audio conference. Contact names already available are recognized and displayed on live calls and part of call reporting.

contact list for conferencing attendees
Upload Contacts

Use our bulk upload feature to add all your contacts using a CSV import.

Add New Contacts

Know when that new prospect or client has joined into the next conference call.

Use Name Announce

Build out a participant list after the call by referencing the recorded names at join.

Contact names can be appended to any phone number using the web controls live during your call or from the admin panel post-call reporting leveraging recorded name announce.

conferencing attendees and contact list
Quick Reference

Using the web controls, you can easily scan through your callers to see who’s on.

Build Out

Append your contacts live or after the call and add to your address books any time.