Digital Audio Recording

Are there additional charges to record conference calls?

Conference recording is a complement to the service, there is no additional charge to use this feature.

Are conference calls automatically recorded?

No they are not; the feature needs to be enabled by the conference host.

How can I record my conference calls?

The host can press 5* from their phone to enable recording or start it from the Web Manager. When the feature is enabled an announcement will be played to the call.

What format is my recording in?

Recordings are provided as mp3.

How can I access my recordings?

Login and click on the “Recordings” tab in your account.

Can I download my recordings?

You can download any of the recordings free of charge.

How can I share my recordings?

You can share via direct link, podcast or post it on popular social media.

How long do you store recordings?

Recordings will be available for a minimum of 1 year.

Can I delete my recordings?

Absolutely. Click on the delete button next to each recording to remove it from your account.

How can I know that my conference is being recorded?

You will hear an announcement say “Conference Recording Started” and that is how you know the call is being recorded. You can also access our Online Web Manager to ensure that the feature is toggled on.

How many recordings can I have in my account?

There is no current limit in place.

Can I add labels to my recordings?

Yes, you can add labels and a short description for later reference.