New to Conference Calling

How many participants can join into a conference call?

The caller capacity for your account is determined by the plan selected upon sign up. We offer different audio conferencing plans with capacity ranging from 15, 50 or 300 participants per conference call.

Do I need to schedule or reserve a time in advance to use the service?

Absolutely not. Our audio conferencing service is reservationless so once you’ve established an account, you can run conference calls on the fly without ever having to preschedule or reserve a time slot.

Can I have multiple different conference calls running simultaneously?

This can be done by generating additional conference codes in your account; each conference code is its own separate conference room.

Are my conference calls secure?

Yes. We require a 4 digit security code to start the conferencing session. Additionally, we offer a conference web interface that allows you to view while conferencing in real-time and manage attendees.

Can I get a toll-free or local toll number for my conference calls?

You can have both. Choose from over 80 different local toll access numbers or an 800 toll-free number.

Is there a time limit for a single session?

For security purposes, there is a 6 hour limit per call. This can be extended by re-entering in the host code after the 6th hour.

Do you offer international dial-in numbers?

Audio Conferencing offers dial-in numbers from over 70 countries around the world.

Do you require a contract or long-term commitment with the service?

We do not; service can be ended without penalty any time from the Billing section of your account.

Can I record my calls with Audio Conferencing?

The host of the conference can start recording through their phone keypad or using the web manager.

What is the Web Manager?

Our Web Manager allows you to see and control your conference in real-time from any web browser. Mute attendees, run Q&A sessions, and so much more.

How do I get started?

Click here to see our audio conferencing plans and pricing. We offer a free 14 day trial with all reservationless conferencing plans.