Default Conference Settings

Create the conferencing environment you want with flexible features.

We understand that not every company or every call has the same service requirements and preferences. So we made it so you can setup Audio Conferencing to work however you prefer.

customized audio conference settings
On Entry & Exit

From names announced to audio tones or silence. You choose how callers join and leave the call.

Intros & Hold Music

Add a custom greeting with your own branding and choose from many different hold music options.

Speaking Rights

Decide if callers should be brought in as “listen only” for large events and maintain control of speakers.

Some companies need even more specific features for their audio conferencing.

Conferencing services have become more evolved and the applications for some of these advanced features are being adopted by organizations every day.

custom hold music
Optional PIN Code

For accounts that don’t want to require a host to open the call before attendees can talk.

Optional Accounts Code

Used when each audio conference is being billed back to a client or internal department.

Optional Continuation

Address the option to disconnect all callers without a host or continue the conference for others.