Dial-Pad Conferencing Controls

Simple star controls from the phone to use while conferencing.

Maintain complete control over your call and turn on important conference features using your telephone keypad.

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Conference Leader Controls

1* Mute / Unmute All Callers

Mute all conferencing attendees except the host and guest speakers to avoid background noise and interruptions from attendee lines.

2* Lock - Unlock Conference

Lock your conference after all attendees have joined for added security. New callers are informed audio conferencing is locked.

3* Conference Continuation

Continuation is on by default. It allows the host to disconnect but keeps audio conferencing on for attendees to continue the call.

4* Mute / Unmute My Line

The conferencing service lets participants mute and unmute their own line as needed with 4* and tells them the line status.

5* Audio Recording On / Off

Turn on recording on with 5* as the host to create a high-quality MP3 recording of your audio conference to listen, download, and share.

6* Ask For Names On / Off

Ask callers to record their name when joining the audio conference. Names can be announced at join into the call and are posted in reports.

7* Participant Exit Tone On / Off

Be told by the audio conferencing service whenever a caller leaves the call. A small audio tone will play each time a caller exits.

8* Attendee Count

Get a count of all the attendees on your audio conference at that time. The attendee count is announced only to the host.

9* New Entry Tone Off / On

The entry notice is on by default and plays a short audio tone or the name of a caller when they join your audio conference.

Dial-Out Controls

67* Start Dial-Out

Dial attendees from the conferencing service. The host will press 67* and enter the attendees telephone number when prompted.

68* Rejoin from Dial-Out

Once the host has reached the attendee, they will press 68* to bring both the host and attendee back into the conference.

69* Cancel Dial-Out

If the host is unable to reach the attendee, they can press 69* to cancel dial-out and return back into the conference room.

78* End Audio Conference

End your conferencing session at any time by pressing 78* as the host and be sure all callers are disconnected from the conference.

Attendee Controls

4* Mute My Line

Attendees can mute and unmute their own line by pressing 4* on their keypad and keep themselves in a listen only mode if preferred.

5* Raise My Hand

Attendees with questions can push 5* to tell the host they’d like to speak if muted. The host can unmute them using the web manager.