Leading The Call

Do I need to set up a time prior to hosting a call?

It’s reservationless so you can use the conferencing service any time you need without any scheduling.

How do I invite people?

Tell your attendees the time and date and give them the conferencing number and 6 digit access code.

How do attendees join into the call?

Attendees dial to your conference dial-in number and enter in your access code to begin conferencing.

How do I host a conference call?

To start conferencing as host, you will dial in and enter your access code plus host code. This will start the conference and bring all early attendees.

What if callers join before the host?

Attendees are put on hold with background music until the host dials in and starts the conference.

What if I need to have other hosts on a call?

We offer a guest speaker feature that when used, gives attendees speaking rights even when the conference has been muted by the host.

How can I get the guest speaker code for my account?

By logging in and going to "My Account" which takes you to your access codes page, where all of your account codes are posted.

How do my speakers use the guest speaker code?

Once speakers join into the conference, they will press 88* and enter the guest speaker code when asked for it.

Can I see who’s on my conference call?

For real-time monitoring, you can access our online web manager during your call to see the attendees joined into your conference.

Do attendees have any features available to them during the call?

Attendees can mute and unmute their line by pressing 4* and use 5* to raise their hand for Q&A.

What is the Contact Address Book in my account used for?

This feature allows you to add the name and telephone number of contacts or upload a .csv file so that your attendee’s names are matched to the dial-in from telephone number of participants. The names will automatically appear next to the caller in the online web manager and in your call reports.

Where can I find my Contact Address Book?

Login and go to “My Account” then select “Contacts” in the sub menu.