Operator-Assisted Conferencing

Conferencing Events Done Right

Our operators are experienced, professionally trained, and ready to help. When conference calls require a high level of attention and care, our operator-assisted audio conferencing is the right solution. Our specialized operators assist with greeting your callers and checking them in, dialing out as needed and managing large events with Q&A - our operators handle everything from start to finish.

Investor and Media Events
Host large, high-touch investor relations events to deliver important information live and redistribute post call.
Training and HR Calls
Many of the HR calls and corporate sponsored training require attendance be recorded and Q&A be managed.
Legal Conferencing
For calls involving legal counsel, third-parties and judge will use operator assistance to coordinate and connect callers.

Some of the most common features for your event.

Conference Attendee List
Audio Recording
Web Viewer
Digital Call Replay
Auto Check-In
$0.15 / minute
Automated entry code
Lead coordinator present
Caller names recorded
Recording available
Dial-out unavailable
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Premium Check-In
$0.19 / minute
Greeted by operators
Lead coordinator present
Pre-join survey (3 fields)
Recording available
Dial-out available
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Standard Check-In
$0.16 / minute
Greeted by operators
Lead coordinator absent
Pre-join survey (2 fields)
Recording unavailable
Dial-out available
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Reservations Desk

Schedule a conference call any time. Our event operators assist in reviewing the call details with you, discussing options you may need and emailing your confirmation.

Conference Green Room
Your lead operator will meet you in the conference green room before your call to address final details and confirm speaker quality.
Complete Assistance
We are there to help. Your lead operator is there to assist every step of the way and tech support is ready for client questions by pressing *0 during a call.
Conferencing and streaming events with operators available to help.

The Difference with Operator-Assisted Conferencing

Professionally Coordinated

Breathe easy with specialized event staff to manage the call.

Scalable Platform

Manage calls with as many as 6,000 conferencing participants.

Detailed Attendee List

Get a complete list of attendees emailed after your event

Q&A / Surveys

Hold question and answer sessions or poll attendees on the call.

Outbound Calling

Dial out to bring in a participants from anywhere in the world.

Pre-Approved Entry Only

Attendees can be checked against a pre-approved participant list.

Our Operator-Assist Audio Conferencing will make your next event a true success.


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