Conferencing Account

How do I access my account?

Click on the login button and enter in your username (email) and password.

Help! I forgot my password.

Remain calm and click here to reset your password.

Can I update my company information?

Yes, go to “Account Settings” in the sub menu and edit the Company section.

How can I add more conference codes to my account?

You can login and add conferencing codes to My Account.

Can I personalize the conference greeting participants hear when joining my call?

Sure, custom welcome messages for Audio Conferencing are offered at $10 per month.

How can I add in new users to my account?

Login and go to “User Access” to add a new member.

What is a user vs an admin?

User role allows that user to get information for the conferencing access code which they are assigned. An Account Admin will have full management rights and access to the entire account.

What are default settings?

Login and go to “My Account” then select “Account Settings” to review and adjust default conference settings.

What are billing codes?

When enabled, they require the host adds an internal billing code to each conference call for later reference.

What is Conferencing Continuation?

It allows the host to begin the call and disconnect and prevents your callers from being dropped as well.

What is difference between Conversation and Lecture mode?

Conversation mode will allow attendees to join in unmuted with immediate speaking rights. Lecture mode will mute your conference participants upon them joining the conference.

What does Exit Tone do?

When enabled, it will play a chime upon a participant leaving the conference call.

What is Request Names?

Our system will ask callers to record their name before connecting them. You can select whether you would like their names played to the host line only, to the entire conference or not at all.