Toll-Free Conferencing

Toll-Free Dial-In

Audio Conferencing offers toll-free conference call numbers for domestic and international access in over 70 nations. You decide if and when toll-free or local numbers are best for your conferencing needs.

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When to choose toll-free or local numbers

Toll-free numbers allow callers to dial-in without accruing long-distance charges. But the economics of telephone services have changed significantly in recent years. Many mobile phone providers and telephone carriers now offer unlimited national calling plans, so offering toll-free numbers may be less necessary. You choose which option will work best for you and your callers.

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What’s the difference between toll-free and local numbers?

A toll-free number includes any numbers with prefix; 800, 888, 877 and now 866 or 855. The cost for toll-free conferencing numbers are always billed to the host at per minute / per caller rates. A local number has a regular area-code and can cause the caller to incur long-distance fees as determined by their own long-distance telephone service plan.

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Is there proper etiquette for choosing which type of numbers to use?

The field is divided almost down the middle. While most of us don’t pay long distance charges from our phones anymore, many users still feel a toll-free number is the proper way of offering business calls and a required courtesy for customers and clients.

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