Web Manager

What does the Web Manager do?

It’s a tool to view and manage your conference call using a web browser. With the Web Manager you can turn on conference features, mute callers, and run Q&A.

Is there an additional charge for using the Web Manager?

It's included with all of our reservationless audio conferencing plans at no additional cost.

How can I access the Web Manager?

Login and click on the "Manage Calls" tab.
Note: The Call Manager will only be visible when you have an active conference call.

How can I mute/un-mute all callers?

Toggle “Mute Conference” to on. Toggle off to un-mute.

Can I mute or unmute specific callers?

Next to each caller is a speaker icon. You can click on that to mute or unmute that specific line.

Can I record from the Web Manager?

Yes, simply toggle on “Recording”. You will hear an announcement when the feature is enabled.

How can my callers ask a question?

Instruct your participants to press 5* on their telephone keypad to raise their hand. A question mark will appear next to each caller that has their hand raised.

Can I break out my conference participants into groups?

We offer a “Summary View” feature which will break out your conference participants into three groups - host and guest speakers, conference participants with questions, and conference participants with speaking rights.

Can I label/add name to each caller?

Certainly. You can add names to each one of your callers, this way their name will show up in your call reports and our system will reference their name each time they connect on future calls.