Web Conference Manager

Managing an audio conference is simple with our web interface.

Our industry-leading web controls give you a visual way to manage complex conference call functions. You can see who’s on your call by name and number, and adjust their individual privileges.

All recordings are posted to your admin panel for easy access and reference to meeting content.

web conferencing interface
Review Attendance

Quickly scan the attendees on your call. See their name, number, speaking rights, and join and leave times.

Manage Q&A

Hold a formal question and answer session while keeping control over the call with the hand raising feature.

Identify Speakers

An “active speakers” icon shows you which callers are speaking and lets you know if there is a problem line sending noisy feedback.

If you're running larger conference calls that require more complex user management, our conferencing web interface is an absolute must!

conferencing web interface
Building Contacts

Add names to your contact lists and reports during your live call and review recorded names on demand.

Manage Conference Features

Mute, unmute, and remove any of your conference participants with a single click.